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Braddah Genes board

Board for bradda Gene on Kaua’i. Free noodles and pepah towels in the packing. Hahaha  

Positive vibes

 Board for a friend battling cancer. I hope this cheers her up and gets some positive vibes back into her.  

Up da farm

Love coming up here a few times a week. Key to life is balance. Find that balance and nothing can stop you.  

Mojo Barber Shop new location

Congrats Mojo Barber Shop on their new location on the corner of McCully st. & King st.  Check them out!!  

One Factory Hawaii

Thank you One Factory Hawaii for the awesome ding repair job.    

Lung burners for breakfast never felt so good. 

Got my eye on the prize.  Achieving life-long goals never come easy. Putting in time is key and blocking out the rest is a must.  

Kohei san

Kohei and I during his trip to Hawaii last month.  Thank you for the years of support. 20 years and counting!!  

Pacific Northwest

What an epic trip last month to Oregon and Washington.  Missing my mainland fam.    

Mililani wins in Vegas

  Good job nephew on your team win in Las Vegas. Turning out to be an exceptional sports athlete. 

Wesside rippahs

  Watched these two ladies dominate the line-up island wide since we were groms. Stoked to have my boards under their feet.  @MelanieBartels & @Teddi-leeSipe