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Rell Sunn Menehune Championships

congrats to this young rippa shredda. Dont know her name but stoked my board put another smile on someones face. 


“Never bit the hand that feeds you”

Ok, I been thinking about this a lot.  I read a lot of comments online from people who disagree with the locals and support the giant telescope.  Here’s my interpretation of the situation.  Ever heard of the saying, “never bite the hand that feeds you”?


This is exactly that.  Mauna Kea feeds Hawai’i island.  It’s a part of their eco system.  Rain falls upon the mountain, feeds the vegetation, which prevents runoff, fills streams and rivers with fresh water, which then flows into the ocean nourishing sea life.


Is a million dollar telescope worth ruining one of the islands most important natural resources forever, as well as one of the islands most historical sacred site??  Everyones entitled to their own opinion, as long as they dig deep into the topic and have a good understanding of what’s going on in its entirety.


All photos courtesy of Ehitu Keeling via Hawaii News Now

Protecting Mauna Kea

After doing a research project on Hawaii’s watershed last year for school it made me realize how anything and everything we do to the land can affect our water and ocean resources, from the mountain to the ocean. I am not one to post political things, but i am still trying to educate myself on this on going situation and i suggest a lot of us do the same. From GMO, to over building on our islands and now this? Corporations got our state politicians by the balls, they need to wake up and see the big picture. Some things in this world are priceless and once its gone, it’s gone forever. The power of social media will spread the word im sure, but the faster we get it out there the better. None the less lets educate ourselves because knowledge is power.

If you have ever visited Hawai’i island, if you enjoy what our islands have to offer, if you embrace the Aloha spirit, then please sign these two petitions.  I have already done so and it only takes a minute.



chicken Katsu


Family BBQ 

Finless fun


My favorite board has no fins.  

hope u all had a nice weekend


Early morning fishing adventures  

Have a nice weekend!

Next Generation

his name is Kahanu Cuban. Get used to hearing this name in the realm of longboarding. Stoked to be able to make him a board


Cookies. Scones. Treats

Scones from Vancouver. Cookies and treats from Washington. 

The Cut

Check them out @ Kaka’ako on Lana lane

boat x beers

Good weekend with good braddas. Congrats on Green Tree Cafes one year anniversary!!