Keg Model 5’10 x 19 11/16 x 2 5/8

This is my go to board 90% of the time. Lots of drive, super loose, and basically just an all around fun board. The 2+1 fin set up allows you to really lay into your turns as hard as you want, and the v-bottom will help keep it from sliding out. Power surfers who love to put it all into that one hard turn will love this board. Super easy to paddle and catch waves, but still with the shortboard feel.

This board turns on in waves from chest high, and flows through flat spots with ease. I’ve tried this board in waves up to 5 ft (hawaiian) on the north shore and it’s handled nicely. The big side fins (AM), combined with a 4.25″ box fin holds the tail in on sizeable surf and keep it from sliding out also. Im sure you’ll enjoy this board as much as I do.